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In Memory of Monticello Miller
(1952 - 2011)

Monticello Miller

There’s a song by Nikki Manaj featuring Drake called "Moment for Life". In it, Drake says, "Everybody dies but not everybody lives." And Nikki says, "But to live doesn't mean you're alive."

Monticello Miller lived life to the fullest. He was an artist, oil painter, modern art photographer, curator, musician, guitar player, and song writer. He worked as a photographer with the County of Los Angeles for over 30 years. He was a family man with six children.

Monticello lived fearlessly in every sense of the word. He wasn’t afraid to achieve his dreams and was never swayed by what others thought of him. He was never defeated, and nothing stopped him. Monticello lived his life with almost no need for money. He wasn’t interested in it, and had almost no use for it.

Monticello was the president and the founder of "The Lady Between The Lines Art Agency", in California, USA. Through LBL, Monticello helped numerous artists get exposure by exhibiting their artwork. Monticello was the first to recognize and exhibit the art work of young graffiti artists in Los Angeles. Monticello even re-defined graffiti art by referring to it as "Urban Hidden Literature". Among the first of the great Urban Hidden Literature artists were Alex Zendejas and David Martinez.

Monticello used LBL to gather artists from all over the world. His motto was "Artist to artist: together we are powerful." Monticello never wanted people to forget that everything we see and use was made by an artist. In 2003, Monticello set off to expand LBL to Europe, where in Paris, France, he organized an art exhibit with ten American artists and ten French artists. The French exhibit gave the American artists a chance to show their artwork abroad. For many of them, it was their first time outside the US. Monticello’s LBL agency went on to organize art exhibits in Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan and Armenia. All along, the LBL agency continued to put on art shows in the USA.

Monticello’s LBL agency received numerous letters of recognition from state and government Officials, including the Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio R. Villaraigosa; the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger; the Minister of Science, Research, and Culture of the Federal State of Brandenburg, Germany, Professor Johanna Wanka; The City of Los Angeles (signed by Jan Perry, Counsel Woman, 9th District), the Getty Center for the History of Art, and the California Institute of the Arts (Cars).

Monticello taught me that the only thing you need to achieve your goals is determination, nothing else. I am so happy I had the privilege to be with him until the very end. He will be missed dearly.

Juan R. Perez,
Monticello’s brother

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