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About LBL

Cosmopolitan Consciousness and the Day Time Dream

Greetings, to all the artists that find themselves in front of the door of the twenty first century. Through the artistic creative process, the doors of the twenty first century will activate its inward energies of portholes. The portholes carried great energies of artistic consciousness that will prepare man for the planetary alinement.

The Lady Between the Lines Art Agency will act as a universal funnel that will bring worldly artists from other countries and cities together. The richness of the collective cosmopolitan consciousness will manifest the tools that each artists will learn to use as they empower their artistic importance in the daytime dream.

Humanity’s intensities has forgotten how to consume the ability to be simple, the artistic consciousness will spoon feed lines of passion, harmony and expressive movements that will teach humanity how to unload the burden of greed.

Every artists expressing their emotional thoughts and feelings plays a great importance to these universal frequencies, this is why artists from around the world are gathering and sharing their lives and their passion with other artists.

Artists have always prepared humanity to have the ability to change, even if the changes were many years ahead of humanity’s ability to understand; great artists who carried these frequencies acquired in their souls the ability to have the patience of a rock.

The burning desire for an artists to live in their frequencies are carried through great forces of intuitive passions that will crack a rock.

As the founder and the president of the LBL USA I welcome and thank all of the artists who has supported and participated in this collective artistic process of using art as a healing tool and sharing your being to the world.

LBL, as well as Sakata Hideo (representing the Japanese community) and Pearl Park (representing the Korean community) have been creating international art exhibits that take contemporary artists from our great state of California to other countries. These exhibits communicate that artists worldwide have a cultural and moral responsibility to construct and utilize bridges that will unify the citizens of the world and create solutions that will enrich and enlighten the quality of life for humanity in the twenty first century. Your letters of warm greetings have always supported the spirit and strength of the artists, as well as the countries that hosted and participated in these great connections of cosmopolitan consciousness.

Thank you for your support.

Monticello Miller,
Founder/Art Director, LBL

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